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Your DIY Chimney Safety Inspection. Avoid a Fire Risk by Simply Checking the Safety of Your Fireplace.



Our Web application is still in its BETA phase has a simple user interface. Once you land on our home page you are greeted with our get started call to action button. This leads you to our 12-point questionnaire to gather information about your fireplace.


Once you input the data, our team of qualified Chimney inspectors will manually review and generate a report on the safety of your fireplace in these categories:


Soot buildup

Firebox safety

Health hazard

Flue Safety



The goal of the inspection is to provide observations that may lead to the decrease of hazardous conditions associated with fireplaces and chimneys.



We do a walkthrough inspection alongside you, using our cleverly designed questionnaire. The information will help our team of professional inspectors determine the level of risk and provide a solution in a detailed report.



The National Fire Protection Association a global organization devoted to eliminating death and economic loss due to fire related hazards. Recommends a Chimney inspection once a year. When was the last time you had your chimney inspected ?

mySafe Chimney (3).60bb7153aeb9f5.06665366.614c97f0838575.10274927.png


mySafe Chimney is a DIY virtual Chimney inspection website. With the risk associated with house fires, we have come up with this solution to help homeowners to virtually inspector their fireplaces and eliminate hazards caused by an unsafe fireplace. Our team is made up of a certified chimney inspector, software product manger, administrator and software developer. We created an analytical based tool which offers a comprehensive solution and reduce the risk associated with an unsafe chimney.

At this stage our Minimum Viable Product ( MVP )  is in the process of testing our hypothesis whilst measuring progress. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

mySafe Chimney plans to be more than just a Web app but a solution in the fireplace industry. With over 7 million homes using fireplaces in USA alone, we have plans to grab a large market share of the fireplace inspection niche virtually.


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